Club Policies





This organization shall be known as the Knoxville Soccer Club, a nonprofit organization hereinafter referred to as the Club.



The purpose for which this club is organized:

A.         To further and promote the progressive development of the sport of soccer, through organization, training and education.

B.        To furnish equipment, facilities and organize a soccer team or teams to compete and participate in soccer through the establishment and development of programs.

C.        To accept and secure funds from sponsors, projects, donations, registration fees, or otherwise secured, for the progressive development of the sport of soccer at the lowest possible cost.

D.        To construct, purchase, lease, acquire, or reconstruct in any manner and to own, hold, maintain, use, sell, or dispose of soccer property and all accessories necessary to the purpose stated herein.

E.        To borrow money and otherwise contract indebtedness and given any suitable form of obligation or security therefore including liens and mortgages upon its property. 



A.         Any person who has a child registered as a player playing with a team associated with the Club and any coach or referee currently active in the Club shall be considered a member and eligible to hold office and to vote on all matters to be decided by the general membership of this Club.

B.        Each member shall have one vote at the annual members meeting and any other special membership meeting.



A.        Registration of players shall be restricted generally to the Knoxville area.  Upon request, the Board may allow players from outside this geographic area to register.

B.        Registration of players shall be registered through and with the Iowa Soccer Association (ISA) and the Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League (GDMJSL) and therefore follow the rules and regulations set forth by GDMJSL.

C.        Scholarships for participation in the Club shall be granted to individuals in need by a majority vote of the Board and must first be submitted to the Board by the Club Registrar.  No player will be denied registration based on ability to pay.



A.         Board of Directors.

            1.      The officers of the Club shall constitute the Board of Directors.

            2.      The affairs of this organization shall be conducted by a board of up to nine (9) club directors, to be elected by the members from their own number each year at the annual members meeting as hereinafter provided for.

            3.      The annual election of directors by the members shall be held at the annual members’ meeting in June.

            4.      Directors shall take office on August 1, following their election.

            5.      Upon three consecutive absences from board meetings, an officer or director may be asked to resign.  The board may remove an officer or director who is no longer in good standing and declare a board position vacant upon a two-thirds vote after notice to the officer or director of the action for removal.

            6.      The Board of Directors shall fill all vacancies occurring in its own body by the appointment of a qualified person who shall hold office until the term expires. 

            7.      The Board of Directors shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Club between its annual members meeting, make recommendations to the membership, and shall perform such other duties as are specified in these Bylaws. 

            8.      Registration fees and all other fees shall be set by the Board of Directors.

            9.      The regular meeting dates of the Board of Directors shall be determined by the current board.

            10.   Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President and shall be called upon the request of three members of the board.  Seven days’ notice of a special meeting shall be given.

            11.   A quorum shall consist of a majority of the number of natural persons holding positions on the board of directors.  A majority of the votes shall be required to pass any motion or resolution unless these bylaws or state law requires a supermajority.

            12.   All officers may create committees whenever it is felt help is needed to complete a project.  Names of committee members should be given to the President before the committee begins its work. 

            13.   Board meetings will be open to players, visitors and the general membership, unless a majority of the board votes in favor of a closed executive session. 

B.        Elected officers and duties.

An individual may hold more than one office.  The elected officers and their respective duties shall be as follows:

            1.      President: The President supervises all activities of the Club and Board; serves as Chairperson at all Club meetings; be titular head of all committees and appoints other special offices as required, with the exception of those duties empowered by the Commissioner.  The President shall serve as Director and shall call all club general meetings and Board of Directors meetings as the need arises or when requested by 50% or more of elected officers and/or 50% of coaches.  As chairperson of the Board of Directors, the President shall only vote in the case of a tie. 

            2.      Vice President: The Vice President shall assume the President’s duties in the President’s absence; shall have the authority to call meetings with all coaches and team representatives; shall in coordination with the Director of Referees and Director of Fields, have the authority to postpone or cancel all club matches on any given day when weather conditions warrant, shall schedule all make-up matches.

            3.      Secretary: The Secretary shall attend to and file all correspondence and records and prepare all meeting minutes to be read at subsequent meetings.  The Secretary shall also notify all Directors on all matters pertaining to meetings.

            4.      Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive, disburse and account for all funds of the club and keep financial records on all monetary transactions; shall maintain a checking account with signature authority by the President, one other director, and Treasurer; shall report on the Club’s financial status and be prepared to assist in auditors of records.

            5.      Director of Registration: The Director of Registration shall handle registration of all players; organize pre-season registration; be responsible for and preparation of information for coaches prior to each soccer season; determine dates of final registration; maintain a current file on every player and coach; and verify and record verification of all players. 

            6.      Director of Coaches: The Director of Coaches shall coordinate and disseminate all information for the Club to the coaches; shall represent the coaches on all matters in their behalf to the Board; shall coordinate with the Director of Referees any and all coaches and referee clinics to be held; and shall help in the securing of adequate coaches for all assigned teams.

            7.      Director of Fields: The Director of Fields shall be responsible for organizing through the teams, members who will be responsible for the marking of the fields and maintenance of fields’ equipment; procure marking materials and be the custodian of all field marking equipment; and advise the Vice President regarding field conditions.

            8.      Director of Referees: The Director of Referees shall assign referees to all Club matches and other sanctioned matches; shall maintain a program for the recruitment and training of new referees; and shall in coordination with the Vice President and Director of Fields may postpone or cancel all Club matches on any given day when weather conditions warrant.     

            9.      Club Commissioner: The Commissioner shall be chairperson for all appeals, protest and discipline hearings; shall have authority to appoint committee members for such hearings; shall be liaison between outside clubs, leagues and ISA on rules, regulations, points of facts; shall be chairperson for the formulation of teams; shall be responsible for player/coach cards while under suspension or appeal; shall report to the board on all decision/activities/points of facts, taken by said committee appointed by said commissioner.

C.        Non-elected positions and duties.

The following positions will be appointed by the elected Board of Directors.  These positions may be held by elected Directors and individuals may hold more than one position.  The positions and their respective duties are as follows:

            1.      Club Representative: The Club Representative shall attend regular meetings of the Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League to represent the interests of the Club and shall report back to the Club about the meetings.

            2.      Publicity: The Publicity position shall establish and maintain a liaison between the Club and news media; shall coordinate the reporting of game results through the media; and be responsible for supplying all announcements to the news media of Club meetings, registration, activities, etc.

            3.      Scores Reporter: The Scores Reporter shall be responsible for entering the final scores of games on the Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League web site and shall maintain copies of official score cards received from referees.

           4.      Equipment: The Equipment position shall be responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of team equipment and uniforms.  Acquisitions must meet with Board approval.

D.        Appeals Committee.

Appeals Committee shall be comprised of three neutral members appointed by the Club Commissioner, such committee will be responsible for:

            1.   Appeal of an ejection: A Notice of Appeal shall be filed by letter to the club Commissioner.  The postmark shall be within 48 hours after the end of the day on which the player or coach was ejected.  The appeal may be hand-delivered (dated and initialed by both).  The appeal may be filed by either the coach or the player, or the coach acting on behalf of the player.  Such appeal shall be accompanied by an appeal fee of $25.00; the fee shall be refunded to the appellant if the ejection is overturned by the Appeal and Discipline Committee.  The Club Commissioner shall notify the Club Director of Referees so that the next referee shall know of the appeal.

            2.   Reporting an Ejection or Special Condition: A referee who ejects a player, coach or assistant coach shall send a suspension card (to be supplied by the club) to the Club Commissioner who shall then notify the club whose team is scheduled to next compete against the suspended participant’s team.  The home club of the ejected coach or player shall be notified.

           3.    Administering an Ejection: The Club Commissioner shall keep a record of all players and coaches ejected.  If it is noted that a player received three ejections or that a coach received two ejections in a season, such player or coach shall be asked to appear before a Disciplinary Committee to explain his/her actions.

E.        Disciplinary Committee.

Disciplinary Committee shall be comprised of three neutral members appointed by the Club Commissioner; such committee shall be responsible for:

Upon receipt in writing of evidence of misconduct (i.e. game report, etc.) by a player, coach or spectator, that person shall be notified by the club of said report and the options available to them by return mail before the Disciplinary Committee shall call a hearing at the earliest practical time (usually within one week).  If a protest of the game is involved, the protest shall be resolved before disciplinary action is taken.  Disciplinary proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with all GDMJSL and ISA rules and regulations. 

F.         Protest Committee.

Protest Committee shall be compromised of three neutral members appointed by the Club Commissioner.

            1.      Committee procedures: Upon receipt of a written protest by the club secretary, the chairperson of the Protest Committee shall call a meeting within 20 days.  The chairperson shall call before the committee; individually all of the parties involved, and these meetings shall be held in private.  Timely notification of time and place for such a meeting shall be given to all parties involved.  Every protester or protestee appearing before the committee shall present his/her grounds in writing in support of opposition to the protest.  Having reviewed the positions and argument of the parties, the committee shall prepare a Statement of Facts, Findings and Recommendations pertaining only to issues under protest.  This statement shall be an unbiased presentation of complete summaries of:

                     a.         The position of each party.

                     b.         Items agreed or disagreed for his/her position.

                     c.         Each party’s argument for his/her position.

                     d.         The statement shall also cite specific FIFA “Laws of the Game”, By-laws or Rules and Regulations of the club if applicable.

            2.      Referral authority of the Protest Committee. In the event there is evidence to warrant disciplinary action, the written protest and the decision shall be handed to a Disciplinary Committee for further action. 

G.        Term of Office.

The term of all officers and directors shall be one year.



A.         A quorum of the club shall consist of at least four (4) members.

B.        The annual members meeting shall be held in June of each year, preceded by timely notification of the time and place to all officers, coaches and members.  Notice may be by publication in newspapers of general circulation in Knoxville. 

C.        The order of business shall be as follows:

            1.      Call to order

            2.      Minutes of last annual or general meeting

            3.      Officers and/or committee reports

            4.      Unfinished business

            5.      Proposals – new business

            6.      By-law changes

            7.      Election of officers

            8.      Adjournment

D.        Annual members meetings are open to players, visitors and general membership.




A.         Amendments and changes to these by-laws shall be made only pursuant to a majority vote of the members present at a general or special meeting.

B.        A proposed change or amendment to the by-laws must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the club 15 days before the meeting at which it is to be considered.

C.        Changes shall be effective immediately or as stated in the resolution approving the change.  No change shall be retroactive.




The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the club in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws and any special rules of order the club may adopt.



The fiscal year of the organization shall end each year on the 31st day of December.



This organization is not organized for pecuniary profit, nor shall it have any power to issue certificates of stock or declare dividends, and no part of its net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any member, director, trustee or individual.  The balance, if any, of all money received by the organization from its operation of whatsoever kind and nature, shall be used and distributed exclusively for carrying out only the purpose or purposes of the organization, as more particular set forth herein above.  Upon dissolution of the organizations, the Board of Directors shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all the liabilities of the organization, distribute all remaining assets of the organization to such organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable or educational purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization or organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Law, as the Board of Directors shall determine.

Any of such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the District Court of the county in which the principal office of the organization or organizations, as said court shall determine which are organized and operated exclusively for such purpose, provided further that in no event shall any of the organization’s assets or property, in the event of its dissolution, go or be distributed to any member of individual, either for the reimbursement of any sums subscribed, donated, or contributed by such member or individual or for any other purpose. 

The By-laws were adopted as and for the Bylaws of Knoxville Soccer Club.

Dated this 13th day of June, 2016.

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